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Culture: Why It's the Hottest Topic in Business Today - July 27, 2015

A succinct look at company culture: what it is, why it's important, and how it's linked to both employee engagement and financial performance. Read More »


Leading Into the Unknown - July 27, 2015

Some leaders may feel crippled by today's volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business landscape. Five leadership characteristics can help leaders find success. Read More »


How Do Twin Cities Businesses Keep Transplanted Talent in Town? - September 9, 2014

An interesting article that ponders the impact of regional behaviors on executive talent retention and offers three suggestions for companies recruiting beyond the Upper Midwest. Read More »


Fifth Third Bank's Journey: One of Inclusion and Engagement - September 8, 2014

A great article about a bank that is transforming its internal and external culture with its focus on empathy, emotional intelligence, curiosity, employee engagement, and a true spirit of inclusion. Read More »


7 Leadership Development Trends for a Stronger Bottom Line - September 26, 2013

An insightful look at leadership development trends, including a learn-and-apply model that forms the basis for our own program, "Becoming the Best Leader You Can Be." Read More »


The CEO Succession Playbook for Long-Term Success - September 25, 2013

Three critical questions for determining your company's CEO-succession risk level, and five key tenets for building an effective succession plan. Read More »


Don't Let Strategy Become Planning - September 25, 2013

Harvard Business Review distinguishes between strategy and planning, clearly defines strategy, and offers key questions for creating the right strategy and initiatives. Read More »


Change Management Needs to Change - July 2, 2013

Harvard Business Review takes a fresh look at change management and who is ultimately responsible. Read More »


5 Things Leaders Are Thinking, But Not Talking About - July 2, 2013

A thoughtful look at some of the greatest fears leaders face, and how to address them. Read More »


Evaluating CEO Performance: Not Everything That Counts Can Be Counted - April 11, 2013

An interesting Forbes article offering a fresh perspective on evaluating CEO performance. Read More »


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