Leader Assessments

Whether your organization needs a multi-rater feedback approach to identify strengths and opportunities for development, a self-assessment to consider readiness levels for leadership roles, or a team-based initiative to enhance creativity and innovation, Carlson Group has the assessment tools you are looking for.

Multi-rater assessment:

As a certified provider of Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) Assessments, we offer a suite of research-based assessment tools that help you create a common leadership language and consistent feedback process throughout the company. 

  • Executive Dimensions® assesses top-level leadership behaviors.
  • Benchmarks® measures skills that are critical for success, as well as possible career derailers.
  • Prospector® assesses skills for learning and leading.


Carlson Group uses BestWorkData® self assessment tools to help organizations hire the right candidates, understand performance issues, resolve communication problems, and build and develop effective teams with a focus on cognitive abilities and personality traits.  A portfolio of reports is available to meet your analysis and action-planning needs.

Team assessment:

This assessment incorporates the Fundamentals of Successful Teams framework and helps teams understand their current environment and pinpoint areas to address in order to get the team back on track.  Specific areas of focus include:

  • Goal Clarity
  • Role Ambiguity
  • Role Conflict
  • Participation/Influence
  • Commitment/Understanding
  • Conflict Management
  • Recognition/Involvement
  • Support/Cohesiveness

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