Building Core Leadership Skills

Building Your Leadership Effectiveness

This seven-module training series will help leaders master key leadership attributes necessary to building effective leadership, regardless of level and accountability. Delivered as an entire series or individually to address specific needs, these modules instill leader expectations and drive consistency in the way individuals approach leadership in their own areas of responsibility. Through concepts, group discussion, self-reflection, leadership tools, and application, participants build confidence to lead in the following areas:


Fundamental Leadership Behaviors

Building Your Leadership Effectiveness

Building Your Leadership Effectiveness

Managing and Leading Through Self-Awareness

Understand your behaviors, emotions, and natural tendencies and use this awareness to positively direct your behavior when interacting with others.

Managing Relationships

Learn the concepts of effective coaching to build confidence in preparing for and managing interactions with others.

Influencing Others

Learn concepts, tips and techniques of influencing others through persuasion, storytelling, networking, and relationship-building.

Communicating to Connect

Learn to apply several effective communication techniques and approaches that build leadership presence and drive commitment and excitement.

Managing Performance

Using the concept of "managing the right performance cycle," build credibility and effectiveness in setting the right goals, documenting the right information, collecting and sharing the right feedback, and making the right updates and adjustments.

Delegating Effectively

Identify when and how to delegate to empower and engage vs. dumping to demotivate and disengage.

Developing People

Guide and inspire others in their aspirations using dialogue, development planning, and follow-up.