Coaching the Coach

Helping Others Hold Great Coaching Conversations

Available as individual sessions or in a series, these interactive programs will use the Coaching for Success framework to increase participants' awareness of and confidence in their coaching capabilities.     

Session One:  Building Core Coaching Skills

Participants will . . .

  • Understand the concepts of effective coaching in their roles as managers/leaders. 
  • Learn effective listening, questioning, and acknowledgement skills to support coaching situations.
  • Recognize and take advantage of in-the-moment coaching opportunities.
  • Practice the application of these concepts to build confidence in holding great coaching conversations.   


Session Two:  Preparing For and Coaching Through Difficult Conversations

Participants will . . .

  • Understand the dynamics involved in coaching through difficult conversations (e.g., managing emotions).
  • Leverage the Coaching for Success model and incorporate appropriate listening, questions, and acknowledgement.
  • Learn techniques to effectively manage whatever direction the conversation "veers."  
  • Practice the application of these concepts to build confidence in coaching through a difficult situation.

Session Three:  Advancing Coaching Skills

Participants will . . .

  • Practice real-life coaching situations and receive facilitator and peer feedback to enhance their skills.
  • Have the opportunity to be coached, be a coach, and provide feedback to support development of their peers.

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