Developing Experienced Leaders

Broader leadership roles require application of the Fundamental Leadership Behaviors in different contexts. Using these core skills as a backdrop, we partner with our clients to build experienced leader capability. This requires first developing the right approach, which includes the following considerations:

  1. At an individual level, multi-rater assessments to identify strengths and opportunities for development

    (see  Leader Assessments)

  2. At a team/group level, specific skill-development programs using a learn-and-apply focus to build or enhance the respective skill

Based on your distinct needs, you benefit from Carlson Group's wide range of topic-specific initiatives. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategic Vision/Mission
  • Talent Development and Retention
  • Positioning Your Leaders for Success
  • Creating Environments of Engagement and Performance
  • Generating Creativity and Innovation
  • Leading Through Change and Transition 

Contact us to learn more about leadership development opportunities for your organization.