Leadership Coaching Services

Leadership coaching is about maximizing potential through dialogue, self-discovery, commitment to action, and accountability. With the right coaching, leaders who are open to expanding perspectives, reflecting on blind spots, and developing capabilities for their personal growth will help the organization thrive. Those who recognize today the possibilities that can emerge by "looking inward with an outward focus" will lead organizations tomorrow.

At Carlson Group, we've seen how an experienced coach can add tremendous value to individuals and groups. Among the benefits, coaching can:

  • Accelerate the development of high-performing talent and teams
  • Maximize individual/group strengths and minimizing behaviors that may impede success
  • Prepare leaders to transition to broader roles of responsibility
  • Provide continuous learning to enable leaders to achieve their full potential
  • Improve retention and satisfaction of valued talent

Our one-on-one coaching is customized to the goals and needs of each engagement and incorporates the following process:

  1. Optional completion and analysis of leadership assessment (in-person or online), outlining strengths and development opportunities, with results providing the foundation for coaching focus and discussion
  2. Involvement of individual's leader at selected intervals (typically at beginning and end of engagement)
  3. A series of coaching sessions geared toward the individual's areas of focus
  4. A "wrap up" session to review overall outcomes and commitment(s) to action going forward

For new leaders, using concepts from You're in Charge--Now What? as the framework, we leverage our coaching experience to work with your new leader and develop a customized plan for success in his or her first 100 days in the role.    

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