It's All About Leadership

Effective leadership development strategies can help you improve bottom-line financial performance, attract and retain talent, drive a performance culture, and increase organizational agility. Carlson Group can help you create and implement a results-driven plan, working with you to:

  • Design a business-focused strategy to generate consistency and focus around competencies, expectations and accountability
  • Create a customized leadership development strategy focused on building leadership effectiveness at all levels
  • Build core leadership skills for leaders using our Building Your Leadership Effectiveness training series as the framework
  • Incorporate assessments, coaching, and level-specific development opportunities to broaden leader insights, thinking, and credibility

At Carlson Group, our successful leadership framework can help you create and implement a plan to address your leadership needs, regardless of leader level.

                         Successful Leadership Framework

Coaching Connection Collaboration Communication Credibility


Supporting others with a focus on helping them be their best

  • Delegating to empower and energize
  • Open, honest, and timely feedback to create awareness and action
  • Active listening, meaningful questioning, and acknowledgement


Generating trust, respect, engagement, and productivity through individual and team relationship-building

  • Adapting styles and approaches
  • Influencing others
  • Building a strong network


Creating environments of idea-sharing, creativity, and innovation

  • Understanding and acknowledging the strengths of everyone
  • Listening to all perspectives
  • Being open to trying new ways of doing things


Developing a communications mindset centered on honesty, respect, and relevance.

  • Communicating with clarity and confidence
  • Engaging and enrolling others through storytelling
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Delivering messages the right way


Building authenticity in one's leadership style and approach

  • Self- awareness
  • Reflection (values, beliefs)
  • Humility
  • Trustworthiness

Successful Leadership

As you evaluate the strength of your leadership, consider these questions:

  • Do your leaders fully understand your organization's leadership strategy, including what's expected of them in their roles?
  • Is your organization effective at developing core leadership skills as the framework for managing and leading others?
  • Are your leaders effective at applying these skills within the context of their level and/or situation?
  • Does your organization hold your leaders accountable for exercising these leadership skills?

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