Our Approach

High-Touch, Client Focus

Your company's future depends on its ability to place great talent in key positions. At Carlson Group, we understand how our services impact your company. Specifically, we recognize that selecting the right leaders quickly and efficiently is critical to your organization's success. That's why we conduct searches using a customized, hands-on approach that emphasizes integrity, quality, and results. With this approach, we:

  • Collaborate with you to tailor a search plan, process, and schedule.
  • Partner with you to develop a profile of the ideal candidate and identify target organizations.
  • Create a communications plan to keep you informed every step of the way.
  • Access our nationwide network of contacts and referral sources to identify, assess, and present a slate of top performers.
  • Help you assess and recruit the best candidate.
  • Contribute our unique set of skills and experiences, including broad expertise in state-of-the-art executive search practices.



At the core of Carlson Group are four fundamental tenets, which are central to our firm's track record of exceptional performance, results, and long-term relationships with clients.

  1. A strong belief that our firm serves as a partner with our clients. We work closely with clients to help them define their executive search goals and recruit top talent.
  2. A commitment to providing open, accurate, and ongoing communication with clients.
  3. A pledge to respect all clients, candidates, and referral sources with whom we work, and to follow nondiscrimination and diversity practices.
  4. Adherence to the code of ethics formulated by the Association of Executive Search Consultants, which includes standards for confidentiality, independent research, written documentation, conflicts of interest, and accurate representation.