Talent Management

With the growing demands on organizations, developing a pipeline of leaders for tomorrow has never been more important. Yet few organizations have an adequate supply of high potential talent. With Carlson Group, you receive the consulting experience and expertise to help your organization establish the right talent mindset. We support your initiatives with a set of services that includes:

Building a Talent Management Strategy

  • Current-state assessment of your organization's talent management strategy
  • Behind-the-scenes consulting on one or more of your talent management processes
  • Full design and implementation of a comprehensive talent management strategy

Talent Development and Retention

  • Design and development of targeted talent development initiatives to build readiness levels
  • Talent assessment and coaching

Talent management has become a genuine strategic priority for organizations as they learn to identify future leaders early in their careers and develop them for broader roles. Carlson Group can help your organization drive strategic talent management, answering questions related to:

Identifying Talent

  • How do you differentiate between high-performer and high-potential?
  • What criteria are used to determine potential?
  • Is your approach to align talent to specific roles or to general leadership levels?

Talent Pools

  • How well-defined are the talent pools in your organization?
  • How well is your talent aligned to the appropriate pool?


  • How clear is your talent management governance structure in your organization?
  • How well is it followed?
  • At what level does your board participate in the talent management strategy?

Talent Data

  • What data do you capture to create awareness of your talent?
  • How is this data shared and used?

Talent Development

  • How robust are your talent development initiatives (individually and collectively)?
  • How do you measure their effectiveness to increase engagement, build readiness levels, and overall retention?
  • Where do you focus your efforts regarding executive development?

Succession Planning

  • How broad is your succession planning focus?How robust is your talent review process as a tool to discuss, position, and retain talent for future roles?
  • How is succession planning strategy incorporated into these discussions?
  • Who participates in these discussions, and how do you measure their effectiveness?


  • What types of talent discussions take place with your talent?

We can help you develop or enhance your organization's talent management strategy to build your leadership bench. To learn more, contact us today.

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